vrijdag 1 februari 2013

How to annoy your dissertation supervisor and cause yourself problems: five easy steps

Hello there, just a brief back-up of what I'm doing for my PhD research. At the moment, I'm busy reading books on social research methods. Sometimes I need to be reassured by the books that I'm doing my research according to social science rules.

Anyway, what I came across today in Bryman's book "social research methods" (2012) was well suited to put on a blog. Those that have written an academic dissertation will all recognize this. The ease with which you can annoy your supervisor. I hope that you have not broken these rules (now or in the future):

1. Don't turn up to pre-arranged supervision meetings

2. Leave the bulk of the work until the last minute

3. Ignore what your supervisor advises you to do

4. Hand in shoddy drafts as late as possible

5. Forget what you were taught in your research methods module or your research training module

Following the above rules is a recipe for failure. Avoiding them can possibly bring you success. The choice is yours!

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