maandag 11 november 2013

The Dilemma Of The Social Scientist

"The dilemma of the social scientist in the organization is this: to show that his knowledge 'works' and can fashion techniques that can master the world in the manner of the natural scientist he looks up to, because they are based on valid, objective knowledge, he has to commit himself to values which emphasize control. In his objectivity there is a commitment, not to humanity's control of the natural world, as the applied natural scientist may affirm, but to man's control of man, to one side or another in a field of conflict (Albrow, 1980, p. 282)."
ALBROW (Martin). The dialectic of science and values in the study of organizations. In: SALAMAN (Graeme) & THOMPSON (Kenneth) (Eds.). Control and Ideology in Organizations. Cambridge, The MIT Press, 1980, p. 282.

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