donderdag 27 februari 2014

Democracy in the Workplace and the Role of IC

Hi Folks,

Doing some reading, I found another interesting view on internal communication. This time by a guru prophesying about "democracy in the workplace":

"Internal communication lies at a crossroads between being the radio station of the powerful and being a contributor to sustaining a healthy workplace where expression and constructive challenge by employees is encouraged and enabled. (...) I argue that internal communication should try to find a balance between the two roles (the radio station and the enabler of challenge and contribution). Presently it seems that many communication functions are being trammelled into being turbo-charged message boards with a primary focus on channel management. The best internal communicators are in the decision-making circle advising on the consequences of top-level decisions as they are weighed. They also skilfully prioritize and orchestrate communication that engages employees in dialogue (Smythe, 2013, p. 50)."
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Reference: SMYTHE (John). The Velvet Revolution at Work. The Rise of Employee Engagement, the Fall of Command and Control. Farnham, Gower, 2013, 291 p. 

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