donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Reaction to Neelie Kroes' blogpost "How to spot the most talented innovators"

Reaction to the blogpost by Neelie Kroes: 

"How to spot the most talented innovators"

There is an enormous potential at European universities in terms of clever and motivated students with great ideas. Unfortunately, they lack a number of things:

1° Experience with marketing their ideas
2° Experience with bureaucratic procedures
3° The financial back-up to allow them to try
4° The leniency towards potential failure (here a European mindset differs from a US mindset)
5° The opportunity to bridge gaps between disciplines (building bridges between commercial engineering, civil engineering, social sciences, etc.)

The EU sometimes misses a crucial link with what happens "on the ground". Most of the EU's funds traditionally went to those who had the means and knowledge to attract these funds. Nonetheless, I am convinced the EU is working on these issues. At least this is what I understand from this article.

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