donderdag 19 december 2013

Can Social Media Thrive in Hierarchical Organizations?

The answer to the question, according to Gerald C. Kane (Associate Professor Social Media, Boston College), is Yes... But

The traditional bureaucratic hierarchies we are most familiar with do have a problem because most of them tend to shift decision-making processes upwards, to C-Suit level (the final frontier?  ;-)?). However, sticking to the bureaucratic information(and time!)-processing customs is bound to fail in a fast moving - digital and customer-focused- world. Kane comes to the conclusion that setting out the guidelines (C-suit approved) can be the most important step in shifting responsibility and action downwards, at shop-floor level. Employees will have enough "training" to "do the right thing". Are employees ready to take on this responsibility, and - even more questionably - is top-management ready to relinquish control? What will be the consequences for not choosing to "do the right thing"? Human beings will stay well, human? So, one can think of a million ways employees might "fail" to handle the situation properly? Maybe this all comes down to trust and training? In any case, what can be said for sure is that more research is needed.

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